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Inspired by the Ocean

Inspired by a life long love of the ocean. Each flavor of salt we make tells a different story about a little piece of Maine and what we love so much about our state.

Female Founded

Slack Tide Maine is headed up by Aunt and Niece team Cathy and Lauren.  We are a woman owned and operated small batch sea salt company in southern Maine.  

Family Operated

Lauren was born and raised on the coast of Maine. She has always been drawn to the sea, spending any chance she can on the beach or in the water. Cathy has always spent her summers in Maine and now calls it home in her retirement. When the seas are calm and the tide is high, you can find them out on the ocean harvesting water and cherishing family time together.

My attachment to the state is that of a barnacle to a ledge, the pull of the moon to the earth. Maine, because of its singular and profound beauty, is a place of worship without walls. I love it so.

May Davidson

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