Seared Salmon with Herb Butter Pan Sauce and Lemon Dill Sea Salt

Salmon is a perpetual crowd-pleaser, and this recipe is a quick and easy way to make restaurant quality seafood at home. It’s also an excellent vehicle to showcase high quality sea salt as a flavor-packed garnish that ties everything together. The pan sauce is delicious with any combination of herbs and makes wonderful leftovers to reheat with veggies, rice, or pasta. Properly searing fish can seem like an impossible task at home, but with a few pointers you’ll be serving up professional quality sears in no time at all.

Ensuring that proteins are room temperature and completely dry before cooking is an important step to proper searing. Patience is key—don’t try to move the fillets too soon or you’ll end up with pieces of fish half-stuck to the bottom of the pan. Once that golden-brown crust begins to form (you’ll notice it creeping up the edges of the fillets), the protein will naturally release from the bottom of the pan and you can move, remove, or reposition without any issue. This is a skill transferable to just about any meat or fish at home—steak, pork chops, scallops, chicken, even tofu or tempeh. And all of these would be tasty, too, topped with a pan sauce made of butter, stock, and herbs. So make a few substitutions and dig in on just how versatile this recipe is.


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